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We want every resident to live with a sense of purpose.  Every activity we organize is based on the need for engagement and stimulation based on the resident’s individual preferences and capabilities.  The Life Story you provide gives us the direction to develop interesting and beneficial activities for each person.  Our activities fall into several categories and always include encouragement to stay hydrated.

  • Music  Our resident’s love listening to music, making music, and singing along to old favorites.  Music can lift the spirit or soothe during stressful moments.  We encourage families to bring in an MP3 player loaded with favorite songs!

  • Nature  Enjoying the outdoors and sunshine is good for the body as well as the soul.  We have different areas for relaxation, as well as a place to rest along the pathway, or dine outside with families and friends.  We have plenty of shade, too, if they prefer that!

  • Life Skills  People desire to feel useful, helpful, and purposeful.  We encourage residents to “help” with things like setting the table, folding laundry, cooking, baking, sweeping, or even emptying the dishwasher, if they express an interest.  Not everyone wants to just be entertained and waited on all the time!

  • Arts & Crafts  We encourage residents to explore their creative side through simple artwork projects, and easy crafts.

  • Brain Challenges  Trivia, word games, and even group crossword puzzles exercise the brain and fights back against the progression of dementia.

  • Quiet Leisure  Whether it’s doing a jigsaw puzzle, word search, or getting a manicure, we have many options for those times when a calm activity is preferred.

  • Reminiscing  Opportunities to reminisce are crucial for those suffering from dementia.  The past may be the only place they feel safe and confident.  Sharing experiences, looking through a photo album, and talking about their Life Story are affirming and enjoyable to everyone!

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