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Memory Care

At Twin Lakes Manor we strive to meet all of your care needs. We specialize in memory care with compassionate, dementia trained staff who treat your loved one as their own. Because we understand the that the needs of someone in the early stages of the disease are vastly different than they are in the later, more advanced stages, we offer two separate homes on the same property. Please take a look at our communities below. 

Our Lighthouse home is for people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and in the early stages of dementia.  Our focus here is independence, stimulation, purpose, and engagement tailored to the person’s cognitive, as well as physical, capabilities.  At Lighthouse, we light the way to a better quality of life.


On the Marina

Our Harbor home (coming in 2023) is for people with advanced forms of memory care.  We understand that our approach to each resident can positively impact their quality of life and reduce many of the resistive behaviors often present with dementia.  Engagement and stimulation are important throughout the disease process, as is the ability to tailor activities based on each resident’s cognitive and physical capabilities.   At Harbor, we provide a safe and sheltered place for people as their disease progresses.

(Coming 2023)

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